Villa Gamrang
Wonderful Beach house in West Java
Villa Gamrang

How to reach Villa Gamrang
How to reach Villa Gamrang (By car) Estimated driving time 3 to 4 hours. Take the toll road from Jakarta (Airport) to Bogor preferably early morning. Follow the main road from Bogor to SukabumiYou will pass the village Cicurug after 26 km. Turn right after around 10 km (See  the green sign board at the left side of the road ('Pelabuhan Ratu and Cikidang') and follow the road until you arrive in  Pelabuhanratu with the beach at your left side. Just follow the beach road from Pelabuhanratu to the village Cisolok, there is only one road, You will pass the beach resort Ocean Queen. Drive another 15 minutes and you will  see two small signs 'Villa Gamrang' at the left side of the road. Turn left and enter the small private road to Pasir Gamrang. 




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